Success Stories

We’ve been really lucky to be a part of so many young people’s journeys already. Take a look at a few for yourself, we’re dead proud!

  • Kirsty Chapman
    Kirsty Chapman Apprentice Dog Groomer at Shear K9s

    What are you enjoying most about your job?
    Always being around and working with animals everyday

    What are you finding difficult in your role?
    Seeing animals that are not well coming into the salon, I find it hard to keep my emotions under control when I see an animal suffering

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Hopefully have my own mobile grooming shop!

    Has Generation NE helped you?
    The programme has helped me get where I am today, if it wasn’t for Generation NE I wouldn’t have the job I have always dreamt of

    Has your life changed since you became employed and how?
    Yes as now I’m doing something I love, I’m starting a new chapter in my life and I’m hoping for a bigger future!

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  • Tania Karim
    Tania Karim Graduate Laboratory Technician at Derwentside Environmental Testing Services Ltd

    I recently graduated in summer 2017 and started looking for the ideal role by myself. I mainly searched online on job sites such as Indeed, NHS jobs etc but also attended job fairs prior coming across Generation NE.

    I was looking for a role in which I could get a good challenging experience within a laboratory environment and learn new skills and techniques. From this I wanted to be able to pick up on what I enjoy the most and least and hopefully take what I enjoy further in my career. Although I was very consistent with my job search, looking almost every day, aswell as continuously editing my CV to make it the best it can be, I wasn't getting the desired responses and had no clue as to why.

    Then I came across Generation NE at a careers fair where I was introduced to them and had explained to me what they do to help young people, including graduates such as myself to support them to get the perfect job. Their service of digital appointments is what really intrigued me. It saves a lot of time and cost from travelling, it was definitely much more convenient to book different times and also be able to change if required, to make it more suitable around my timetable.

    During these appointments which I had with my advisor, there was a large range of activities and topics on offer for me to take up as and when I wanted. We decided to start from the beginning and discuss what sort of roles I was looking for, to gain a good understanding of what to keep an eye out for job searching. We then went on to spend time working on my CV to make it suitable for the type of roles I was applying towards. My advisor Cogan also made me aware of different approaches to landing the job I wanted, he introduced me to networking platforms such as LinkedIn where I came across many potential employers and have been keeping updated with the desired industry till this day. He also introduced me to volunteering organisations such as STEM where I can not only inspire the younger generations with my knowledge but also build upon several skills myself.

    What I found most effective was the help I received when having to face interviews for desired job roles. We went through practice interviews to build up a good understanding of what I should have been expecting and this helped greatly but more importantly it gave me confidence in facing such situations. I was extremely nervous when it came to interviews which my advisor was extremely supportive with and helped direct those nerves towards believing in myself more, especially when it was becoming demoralising after searching through so many job vacancies and experiencing unsuccessful interviews over and over.

    With the support and understanding I received, I did manage to secure a great position working within a laboratory which I am enjoying a lot and learning a range of new skills and techniques daily. Although I have managed to achieve the desired role, I am still receiving support from Generation NE Digital Team to make sure I am settling in well and have the reassurance that if I am facing any issues I could always turn to my adviser as he is always only a message or call away.

    This is definitely a service I would recommend to graduates and those that are looking to step foot into their desired industry, whether help is needed for what first steps to take or even discussing how to build up the confidence in yourself. 

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  • Leah Curtis
    Leah Curtis German Speaking Customer Service Adviser at North East Software Company

    Tell us about yourself:
    My name is Leah & I'm 25. I have a degree in Music Business and spend my free time playing video games, going to gigs, playing the flute at the Folkworks sessions at the Sage, reading, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

    What was your situation before you engaged with Generation NE?
    At that time, I was working for an events company as an event's planner. This was my first job out of University.

    Why did you reach out for Generation NE support?
    I reached out to Generation NE because my time at the event's company was coming to an end, and I wasn't quite sure how to move forward. I was at a bit of a loss with where to go and how to make my CV stand out.

    What has Generation NE done for you?
    Jamie from Generation NE enabled me to feel confident about myself. Writing about yourself is never easy and Jamie really helped to show me how to do this in the best possible way. When I knew that my time at the event's company was going to end, I lost my confidence a bit because I was worried because I have a flat to pay rent for and bills to pay, but with the help of Generation NE and Jamie, I was able to regain this and feel confident about finding something new.

    What did you think was good or different about Generation NE?
    I used the digital service. This meant that all my support was, and still is, given via phone calls, emails, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. The job I was in whilst getting help from Generation NE allowed me to work from home once a week, sometimes even more, which meant that I could set aside an hour or two to go through things with Jamie without having to leave the house.  He was there every step of the way and I LOVE how there is still support after you get into work. Jamie regularly messages me to see how I'm getting on and if I need anything else. 

    Would you recommend Generation NE to anyone looking for work?
    I would 100% recommend Generation NE to anyone looking for work. They are kind, patient and careful. The digital service is particularly fabulous for those with limited funds. Getting a bus or metro costs money and that adds up. If you are able to get all the help and advice without having to leave your sofa, this means that you are getting the best possible help, without having the limitations imposed upon you that travel can give, especially if you don't live near the city.  I am so happy with the service given. 

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