What can Generation NE do for me?

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I have never had a job before

That’s Okay! We can support you into any type of role whether it be:

Work Experience

Work experience is often unpaid work with an employer. You can get a feel for the industry and gain some experience for your CV


Traineeships are a bit like work experience, you’ll gain experience with and employer but may complete a qualification at the same time. There are often job opportunities at the end


Apprenticeships are just like jobs. Only you don’t need to have a lot of experience in the industry, just a passion and a willingness to learn. You will gain a qualification while working for an employer

Entry Level Roles

An entry level job is a role for non-professionals, sometimes you don’t need to have experience and it can lead to a valuable career if that’s what you want

Graduate Roles

We can help you to land a role in the profession in which you gained your degree qualification. We might ask our dedicated business advisers to help us out with this!

I don’t have a CV right now

We’ll help you make one and keep it up to date. Simple.

I apply for lots of jobs but never seem to get an interview

There are lots of reasons why this might be happening. Our advisers can help you work it out. As a customer, you will also have access to a range of exclusive opportunities brought in by our business advisers, which means less competition for you.

I have never had an interview before/I am nervous about interviews

No one likes interviews. Our advisers have loads of hints, tips and advice to help you get through it. We may even know what the employer might ask!

I’m not sure what I want to do

Not a problem. We’ll spend some time working out a plan that is best for you.

What happens when I start work?

We’ll work with you for 6 months to make sure everything is going okay. If you feel you’d like to leave or make a career change, we’ll support you with that too. We’re good like that.